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Playworks® Oz trains teachers, facilitators and community workers in Strength Based Play™ . It’s an experiential approach for quickly learning core concepts of Positive Psychology in a fun, structured, supported manner.

Play the room   Behaviour changes? Serious Playworks®Challenge and Play

Playworks® Oz for your professional team-development, PD and staff wellness tailored  for your work place.

Serious Playworks®  trainings are delivered by expert facilitators and are taught on or offsite. No more boring, ‘death by powerpoint’ trainings, this is relevant, fun and immediately applicable and no…you don’t have to make the human pyramid.




APPiE– Applied Positive Psychology in Education Workshops :  For Educators, Coaches and Professional Facilitators

Playworks® Trainers  for community group leaders, youth workers and parents.

For interest in our facilitator trainings or booking a workshop, email steve@playworksoz.com
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